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        An event for Designers, Web Developers and Digital Dreamers.

        Every year Awwwards holds conferences in different iconics cities all over the world, from New York, Barcelona and Amsterdam, to London, Paris and LA our events unite the best agencies and thought leaders in the world of digital design. Our next conferences will be located in:


        20-21 February, 2020

        We return to Amsterdam for one of our most action packed conferences yet in this week-long experience of "Speed Networking", Parties, Meetups, Dev Sessions, Talks and cultural visits in this hub of European design. Its artistic heritage, unique architecture and world renowned innovative approach, makes it one of our favorite cities to hold a conference.

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        15-16 July, 2020

        This July we land in the fastest-growing city in Canada, Toronto. We're excited to tap into the explosive growth of its creative scene and discover the fresh new design revolution that it's currently experiencing.

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