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        Every month, more than 2,000,000 unique users who specialize in web design, development and the latest web technologies, visit our site looking for inspiration, trends and talent on the web.

        STANDARD Submission Only 55 USD / ONCE
        SUBMIT NOW!

        Your website will be reviewed and voted on by our international jury, made up of some of the best designers, developers and agencies worldwide.

        The best sites will be awarded Site of the Day, Honorable Mention and Site of the Month and will be in the running to win Site of the Year, the winner of which, will be announced at our prize giving ceremony in February 2020 in Amsterdam.

        PROFESSIONAL Submission + Directory 165 USD / YEARLY
        SUBMIT NOW!

        Aimed at round-the-clock professionals with multiple projects to submit throughout the course of the year. Attract new clients, recruit top talent and make important business connections in our exclusive members directory.

        • 1 free submission
        • 20% off future submissions
        • 20% off future job ads
        • Featured profile in your country
        • Listed in 3 categories

        Winning an Awwwards SOTD for us, a small agency in a big world, is a chance to really get out there and be seen by people, by new clients and brands

        Jakob Kahlen
        Creative Director at Beoplay

        Winning an SOTD is like "Hey man! Welcome aboard! You've made it!

        Stefano Scozzese
        Creative Director at Scozzese

        The Awwwards SOTD is an exciting collective to be amongst: it's great to be acknowledged

        Kris Hermansson
        Creative director at Resn